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Medical Records

Mission Statement:  To provide high quality, cost effective healthcare and promote wellness throughout our community.

You may reach Medical Records directly by dialing 706-439-6477.

Services:  Medical records provides services to outpatients and inpatients, such as: copies of medical records, registering of live births, insurance requests, and coding of diagnoses.

How to Request Copies of Medical Records/X-Rays

All medical records must be requested in-person at the Medical Records Desk by completing a form with signature. Our office is located behind Union General Hospital in Building 13. Please ensure you have a photo identification card or driver’s license when requesting your medical records. Medical Records will process your request while you wait or you may pick them up at a later time.

The Medical Records Department is staffed with both full time and part time employees. The staff consists of both Certified Professional Coders (CPC) and Registered Health Information Technicians (RHIT).

Please contact us today if there’s anything one of our knolwedgeable staff members can assist you with.

Medical Records Department Discussing Records With Patient